Fundamentals of Yin & Yang

Continuing education in Shiatsu Theory

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February 19th 10am-12pm

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Fundamentals of Yin and Yang

In this class we will explore the foundational and transformative nature of Yin and Yang as it applies to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory. We will observe Yin and Yang aspects in our external and internal ecosystems. We all have both and both are rooted in each other. We will explore it’s oppositional and transformative relationship. We will begin to apply this knowledge to observe disturbances in physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Yin and Yang is a foundational course and is the basis for Chinese Medicine Theory. It is a recommended prerequisite before moving on to the other non-certification courses: 5 Element Theory, Internal and External Causes of Disease, Pressure Points & Meridians and Observing of Kyo and Jitsu.

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