Bodyworkers – 330 hrs

330-Hour Shiatsu Certification
for Bodywork Therapists

Begins September 7, 2018

This certification program is designed for professionals who have already fulfilled some of the required course material. Students may choose to take Module One for 30 CEU credits to experience Shiatsu.

If students wish to complete the 330-hr certification program, they can register for the  3-day monthly weekend program starting September 7, 2018. Tuition already paid for Module One will be deducted from the 330-hr tuition.

The 330-hour program will take place on the first three days of each monthly four-day weekend. See 500-hour program for dates.

330-Hour Certification Program  includes:

    • Free Intro to Shiatsu Course (Optional)
    • Module One: 30 Hours (Optional) 
    • 12-month, 3-day weekend plus one-month 2-day weekend. 
  • For students who begin with Module One, their tuition payment for Module One will be deducted from the total cost of the 330-hr certification program beginning September, 7, 2018.

Free Intro Course (Optional)

Students will experience the difference between working on the outer muscle layer of the body and working deeper at the organ level. Students will learn a 30-minute back treatment on the Bladder Meridian, which  helps align the back and balance the para-sympathetic nervous system to promote a state of healing.

​     Dates:

     Tuesday, March 13th, 6-7:30pm

     Tuesday, April 10th, 6-7:30pm

1. Module One : 30 Hours

  • The Twelve Meridians
  • Points and Lines – Palm, Finger, and Thumb Techniques
  • Meditation & Qigong

​Students will learn to apply palming, finger and thumb pressure, as well as elbows and knees to treat all twelve energy channels. They will be able to give treatments that will improve functionality in the Lungs, Large Intestine, Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Gall Bladder, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Burner, Heart Protector, Spleen, and Stomach. They will learn the basics of Zen Touch through meditation, Qigong, and Taoist Microcosmic Orbit practice.

  • Schedule: Five Consecutive Tuesdays: 10am-5pm (1 hour lunch break), Next section not scheduled yet.

Tuition: $480​

  • $100 deposit reserves your place (applies toward tuition)
  • If you decide to continue on to the 330-hr certification, the $480 will be deducted from the price of the full 330-hr program.
  • Contact us to see if you are eligible for a VSAC Grant
Continuation of this training begins on September 7, 2018  in a 3-day weekend format for a total of twelve 3-day weekends plus one 2-day weekend ending in September, 2019. Tuition payments for Module One will be deducted from total cost of 330-hr program.