Memoir of Thau and Quang Van Nguyen

Fourth Uncle in the Mountain  by Quang Van Nguyen and Marjorie Pivar  (St. Martin’s Press, 2006)  is a true story of an orphan adopted by a sixty-four-year-old monk, Thau who carries great responsibility for his people as a spiritual leader and village doctor. Thau manages against all odds to raise his son to follow in his footsteps and in doing so saves him, as well as an ancient lineage of medicine from being lost in the Vietnam holocaust. As wise and resourceful as Thau is, he meets his match in his mischievous son. It is an odyssey of a single-father folk hero and his foundling son in a land ravaged by the atrocities of war, a classic story complete with humor, tragedy, and insight, from a country where ghosts and magic are real.

Forth Uncle in the Mountain, by Majorie Pivar

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